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CDC Waiting List Information

Waiting list position is determined by the date the child is added to the list. A child will be placed on the list when the Wait List Form is completed and returned to the Child Development Center office with all necessary fees.

A family must tour the center BEFORE placing their child on the wait list. We will allow out-of-town families to join the wait list provided they tour the facility once they arrive in Austin. Tours are Monday through Thursday,10:00am to 1:00 pm. We have an open-door policy and will be happy to assist you during those hours.

When an opening becomes available, we will contact parents by the phone number given on their wait list form. If they DECLINE the opening, we will verify the parents’ desire to be removed from the list and go to the next person on the list. Parents who request to be removed from the waiting list can have a child put back on the list only by filling out a new application.

Parents have two business days to accept an enrollment opening. If the family cannot be reached by the telephone number on the application or they do not contact the school with their decision, we will consider that a refusal and move on to the next person on the wait list.

If a space is offered to a family on the wait list, but the family is not ready to send a child because of age or personal reasons, that family may elect to stay on the wait list for the remainder of the school year to be considered for future openings.

Each year before registration, all families are contacted at the address given on the wait list form and sent a registration form for the next school year. Information is provided as to the date and time of the upcoming registration so that they can attempt to enroll their child. This is in no way a guarantee of a spot for the next year.