Celebrate and share God's GRACE

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Grief Share

This support group meets every Sunday through April 29 from 3-5 in the library. Each session is self-contained.  


Triumphant Love hosts this support group every Monday night at 7:30 p.m.

Pastor’s Wednesday Noon Bible Study

Pastor Ensrude will lead a study in the Book of Revelation.  Through the video assistance of Dr. Barbara Rossing, we will work our way through this amazing book, keeping in mind that the “Lamb of God” is leading us through a journey of faith toward Christ’s final revelation. This study is for everyone, no prior Bible…

Wednesday Matters

Led by Dennis Vanderwerf, this group discusses emerging theological and contemporary topics. Current Study: Immortal Diamond: The Search for Our True Self by Father Richard Rohr

Men’s Theology and Service Breakfast

On the 4th Thursdays of the month a Men’s Breakfast is held featuring a “3-minute” theology video and conversation led by the pastor and a short service project on the church grounds and facilities.

Camp Hope Week 1

Set Your Compass. This week we will follow Biblical characters and find out how they stayed on course for this Great Adventure!   

Camp Hope Week 2

Pack Your Bags. Life is filled with choices. This week we will walk with Jesus as he teaches us that there are important decisions to make about who we should be as people of God.