Celebrate and share God's GRACE

Worship and Music

TLLC Chorus

This group sings at the 9:00 worship service twice a month and on festival Sundays. This faithful group forms the core of special choir events and sings a variety of styles of 3 and 4-part music.  Rehearsal 4:30-5:30 Wednesdays.

Wednesday Midweek Advent Worship Services

Holden Evening Prayer and Dramatic Vignettes December 5: The Prophet, Jay Ellwanger and Mark Thissen December 12: Airmail, Len DiSanza December 19: The Lord’s Maid Servant, Beth Gonzalez Christmas tree decorating with Chrismons

Christmas Eve Worship

Christmas Carol Preludes A lovely tradition on Christmas Eve. Anyone of any age or ability is invited to sing or play a sacred Christmas carol prelude. Contact carol@tllc.org to participate. 4pm: Children’s Choirs, Children’s Gospel, Live Nativity, Candlelight, Holy Communion 6pm: Orchestra, Candlelight, Holy Communion 8pm: Orchestra, Choir, Candlelight, Holy Communion