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1010 Faith in Action

July 29 – Bread for the World Video and Letter Writing—
August 5 – our speaker will be Dick Moeller with Water to Thrive:
Presentation title: Head Above the Clouds……Climb for Clean Water!

Dick Moeller will share the story of 9 W2T climbers who embarked on the journey to the top of Africa to raise awareness for clean water….trying to reach Uhuru Peak on Mt. Kilimanjaro is at 19,341 feet AMSL. They reached the summit on Wednesday June 27 at 11 am after climbing for 11 hours from the base camp at 15,300 feet.

August 12 – No class due to meet and greet with call candidate during Sunday School hour
August 19 – Brad Fuerst, UT Campus Ministry – The Spirituality of Young Adults
August 26 – Discover Your Spiritual Gifts