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Stock Transfer Instructions

Triumphant Love Lutheran Church

Thank you for supporting the ministry of Triumphant Love Lutheran Church. The following instructions will help you in the transfer of your gift.

Electronic Transfer

1) Provide written instructions for your broker to make a transfer specifying the name of the stock and the number of shares to be transferred.  If you inform the broker verbally, it is advisable to follow-up in writing.

2) Your broker will need the following routing information to transfer the stock into the appropriate TLLC account:

                  TLLC General Fund

                   TLLC Endowment

Brokerage: Charles Schwab

                   DTC #0164 Code 40

Brokerage: Charles Schwab

                   DTC #0164 Code 40

Account:    Triumphant Love Lutheran Church

Account:    Triumphant Love Lutheran Church



If you would like to contact Schwab, call 1-800-435-4000.

3) Please contact TLLC’s Treasurer, Mark Stuckey @ 586-1167 (email: markstuckey@swbell.net) to inform us about your transfer and any special requests (e.g., directing your gift to a designated fund). The Treasurer will work with the Financial Secretary to provide a written receipt for your gift once the transfer is received and to have the gift recorded on your annual Statement of Giving.

Stock Valuation

1) The date of your gift is the date on which you deliver your certificates and stock powers to a TLLC representative, the postmark date (if mailed), the date the certificates are transferred into TLLC’s name,  or the date on which your electronic transfer is received into the TLLC account.

2) The IRS valuation for the stock is calculated as the average of the high and low price of the stock on the date received multiplied by the number of shares. TLLC will provide written acknowledgment for your gift documenting this amount.

Thank you for supporting the TLLC ministry. If you have any questions, please contact the TLLC Treasurer, Mark Stuckey, (586-1167).

If You Are Delivering Stock Certificates:

1) DO NOT sign the back of your certificate(s). Doing so will require TLLC to have the certificates transferred into our name, delaying the date of your gift.

2) Sign one blank “Stock Power of Attorney” for each certificate.

TLLC will provide these forms for your convenience.

3) If mailing the certificates, send the certificates and the “Stock Power” in separate envelopes. This ensures that no one else will be able to redeem your certificates.