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Rolling Sheet Bandages

I’ve just mailed a box of rolled sheet bandages, made by Triumphant Love members and friends, to Global Health Ministries in Minneapolis, to be sent across the world to countries sorely in need of medical supplies.  It’s hard to believe that anyone in this day and age would want bandages made from strips of clean used sheets.  It’s so easy to forget that the way we live here is very different from how the majority of the world lives.

Luckily, there are organizations like Global Health Ministries (GHM), a grass roots network of persons concerned with Lutheran health care work in other countries.  GHM’s mission is to continue the healing ministry of Jesus Christ by enhancing the health care programs of Lutheran Churches in other countries and their primary thrust is as follows.

1.  Gathering and providing funds for special health related projects overseas, approved according to a funding criteria.

2.  Recruiting, on behalf of Lutheran sending agencies, medical personnel for overseas needs. The program has demonstrated success in addressing the need for improvements in management by our overseas partners through the use of volunteer trainers and consultants in short-term missions

3.  Recycling of medical supplies and equipment normally discarded in this country for use by overseas hospitals and clinics.  Containers of donated medical supplies have been sent to Bangladesh, Cameroon, Liberia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.  Commercial bandages are often expensive and in short supply, so rolled bandages, or “missionary bandages” are needed in many countries.

And that’s where we come in.  Over the years, Triumphant Love members and friends have rolled many bandages.  It’s a simple and fun activity for people of all ages.  Is your small group or class looking for a service project that can be done right here at church?  All you need to do is get out the bandages tub from the service center across from  the 2nd floor elevator and get started.  Supplies and instructions can be found in the box.  Please be sure to return the tub as soon as you’re finished so it’s available for others to use.

Questions?  Contact Mary Halaney at halaney@ix.netcom.com or 913-0118.