Celebrate and share God's GRACE

Music and Movement Class

This is a twice-a-week special enrichment class for all ages. Led by a trained and experienced preschool music specialist, your child will be engaged to sing, dance, and exercise to music which builds their gross motor skills. Your child will be encouraged to clap, use rhythm instruments, and participate in circle songs.  We use scarves, puppets, bean bags, visual aids, a parachute, and more. Your child’s fine motor skills will also grow as we learn finger-plays and hand motions to songs. Children will be introduced to delightful books which their teacher will “sing”. Your child will learn many age-appropriate songs that connect to their academic learning as well as Christian songs to enhance their spiritual development. These songs will also be used during weekly Chapel. The monthly lesson plan for Music & Movement class is posted on the bulletin board outside the Child Development Center office.