Celebrate and share God's GRACE

Agua Viva

Triumphant Love supports the Agua Viva Lutheran Church, located in the border community of El Cenizo, outside of Laredo, TX. Each Sunday, 125-175 people worship in their church sanctuary that Triumphant Love members helped to build in 2005. Contact Jon Martin for more information about our support of Agua Viva.

Missionary for a Day

Triumphant Love's Missionary for a Day program raises funds to provide food for a variety of activities at Agua Viva:

  • After-school meals for about 100 school children.
  • Meals during summer Vacation Bible School.
  • Lunches for the elderly in the community.
  • Food for the church food pantry.

Triumphant Love members and friends can select one or two days during the year to become a “missionary for a day.” Many participants choose birthdays or anniversaries. Dates can be chosen during the program signup period in January or by contacting the church office during other months. Participants will receive a reminder letter and offering envelope in the US mail prior to their chosen date(s).

School Supplies

In August, Triumphant Love collects school supplies for Grades 1-12 and delivers them before the first day of each new school year.

School Supply List:
Number 2 pencils
Red and black pens
Colored pencils
Three-ring binders (1" or 2")
Binder dividers
Spiral notebooks
Assorted construction paper (9x12)
Safety scissors
Crayons (24 count)
Large block erasers
Rulers (inches and centimeters)
Glue sticks

Christmas Gifts

In December, Triumphant Love collects Christmas gifts for children and elderly in the community. Gifts are delivered by Triumphant Love members prior to Christmas, sometimes in conjunction with a community posada, a reenactment of the pilgrimage of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem.