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Preschool Testimonials

My son Mark started at the Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Child Development Center when he was 18 months old. He is four now and loves his school! He enjoys the art projects his teachers help him make, enthusiastically talks about the books his teachers read in class, and brings home his “treasures” from the occasional hikes. The teachers are always happy to see the kids and excitedly celebrate every little (and not-so-little) milestone. The leadership of the school is very warm and supportive. The school has become our second family, in which Mark feels loved, appreciated, and responded to when he needs help or support. I could not be happier with the school. I recommend it wholeheartedly.  —Helena K.

The Child Development Center at Triumphant Love has been a wonderful place for our children. We have begun our third year and each teacher has been a gift. Our boys have learned so much and have made great friends. They learn social skills and how to interact and respect others. They look forward to going to school. Their day is full of learning and fun. They love to show us their artwork and talk about their friends and who they sat next to at lunch time. The Child Development Center is a place where you know your kids are well taken care of. The teachers and directors have been there for many years, which says so much about the school. They truly love what they do and they are excellent at it. They are angels in our sons’ lives. They are available to visit with and always there for advice on child rearing, etc. They become friends of the family and our boys eyes light up when we talk about them at home. We are so thankful for what the center offers, and we love to watch our children develop from their experiences. —Joe & Pascha Copeland

I chose Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Child Development Center for my son for many reasons. During my tour of the school before enrolling, I was introduced to so many kind and sincere people. The center has been a place where I can leave my son for a few hours a week and know that he is safe and loved. It is obvious that he thoroughly enjoys his time and the people there. At a glance, you can tell that it is a very happy and fun learning environment for children. I plan on keeping my son at the center until he graduates to kindergarten and my daughter will join him there next year. I’m very thankful to have found such a wonderful school for my children! —Megan Smith

I speak for both myself and my husband when I say that there was no question that we would want our second child to attend the Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Child Development Center. I remember being so nervous about sending our first child to any kind of preschool, but literally within minutes of visiting the center, any fears I had were put to rest. The staff is so devoted and caring towards the children and their families. We were so comforted by the fact that teachers had been on staff for years and still loved being there. Also, the student-teacher ratio made it clear to us that this was not a normal “daycare” but an above-average preschool that prioritized children by ensuring that they were getting adequate attention so that they could learn and grow. We wanted an experience that would enhance the childhood that we are trying to create for our kids, and the Child Development Center was and is an integral part of that. Thanks again to all of you! —Dimple Malhotra