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Confirmation at Triumphant Love
 is a three-year program. Our students start in 6th grade and continue through their 8th grade year. Each year has its own rhythm and life. All of our programs flow together to create something that we are proud of: faithful young adults.

6th Grade Rhythm: Our 6th grade class is a really exciting time to get involved in our youth program because it’s the very beginning! We meet every Wednesday at 5:45 for dinner and class. Our first year of Confirmation is all about learning scripture. So many weird stories--and goofy people--that show how much God loves us no matter what. Our students learn 10-20 major stories from the Bible over the 26 weeks of confirmation.

7th Grade Rhythm: Students meet at 5:45 p.m. on Wednesday nights. This year, we learn all about the Catechism. What is a sacrament? What is the difference between the catholic church and the Catholic church? What is the 7th commandment? These are the questions our 7th graders can answer by the end of the 26 weeks of confirmation.

8th Grade Rhythm: 8th grade is the last year in our Confirmation program. It’s kind of a big deal. We meet on Wednesday nights at 5:45 p.m. At the end of this year, our students stand up and say “here we stand” (just like Luther). Students will be figuring out their Lutheran identity, learning what it means to have faith in the world, and will discern their spiritual gifts. They will also put together a project where they practice using their spiritual gifts in the community or congregation. It’s great fun!