Celebrate and share God's GRACE

Laura Patterson

I have been a full-time mother for 15 years. I am a true member of “The Boys Club” with A wonderful husband, Alan, and our two sons, Roy & Evan!

I am an artist with a BFA from Texas State.  A painter; in the medium of oils, watercolors, tempura or pastels to decorative embellishments on furniture and walls, an interior stager, a gardener, cook, and juggler of many things!  None the less I am an extremely creative soul that has a great passion for beauty and a natural way with nurturing babies and children!

I am a native Texan and grew up in this great city of Austin.  I have also had the fun opportunities of living abroad in London, England, and in different parts of the US, such as Portland, Oregon, and San Antonio.

I really enjoy traveling to new places, taking long walks, and being active and involved in my sons sports activities!  I love animals and can’t say enough about our adorable Golden doodle, AMBEAR !  She is definitely part of the family as well as my two cats; Frida & Phoebe Fiona.