Celebrate and share God's GRACE


Our Pray-Ground is OPEN! Triumphant Love welcomes children of all ages along with their sounds and movement as active participants in worship at TLLC. The Pray-Ground is now located on a carpeted area in the front right corner of the Sanctuary. This space is designed to help keep their hands and bodies busy with quiet Godly play so that their eyes and ears can still be open to experience worship.  For more information, please read below:

Honoring the following best practices will create space for your children while preserving a positive worship experience for all.

  • Families should arrive early so that kids get acclimated to the setting before worship begins.
  • We hope that families will have discussions with their children about how a Pray-Ground is different from a playground.
  • Kids will use their whisper voices (especially during the sermon and prayers) and remember that theworship items are to be shared by all. Children who are 6 years of age and younger are welcome to use the Pray-Ground. Parent seating isavailable along the wall. Please sit within a short distance of your child.
  • Children who are 5-10 years of age can sit next to their parents in pews with adjacent tables and use the various Bibles provided or quiet items from the Children’s Cart in the Narthex.