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Pre-Production Staff and Crews

Staff & Crew Heads

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Producer – Carol Holck
Director – René Brister Kendall
Stage Manager – Kelly Condon
Musical Director – Carol Holck
Choral Musical Director – Jolene D. Webster
Lighting Designer – Richard Nichols.
Sound Designer – Jeff Buchle;
Costume & Make-up Designer – Laura Gonzalez;
Set Designer – René Brister Kendall
Set Construction Head – Steve Sands
Prop Master – rent, borrow or make props; numerous workdays
Public Relations – Merrill Jones

Education Outreach – Outreach to schools; several independent workdays
Business manager – Deb Sands
Ticket Sales – Deb Sands
Program Design – Daniel Cantu
Program Ad Sales – Coordinate cast & crew selling ads; numerous workdays
Concessions – Purchase water, etc. for concessions; 1 workday
Hospitality – Deb Grunska
House manager
Education Coordinator – Norb Firnhaber; Create study guide, present history to cast
**Blue type designates positions that are still available
Reformation Running Crew
 Lighting Crew – Assist in hanging & cabling of lights; 1-2 workdays
Sound Crew – Assist in placing & cabling of sound equipment; 1-2 workdays
Construction Crew – Building & installing set pieces; 4-5 workdays
Paint Crew – Paint all set pieces, some props; 2-3 workdays
 Asst Stage Managers – Oversee backstage operations
Prop Crew – Responsible for prop placement and use
Child management – Supervise children in cast
Light board Operator – Runs the light board
Sound Crew – Assists operator and supervises body mikes
Wardrobe Supervisor – Supervises make-up & dressers, & make small repairs
Make-up Crew – Apply make-up on cast; all tech & performances
Dressers – Assist w/costume changing during the show; all tech & performances
House Manager – Supervises Box office and ushers, coordinates w/SM; 3 performances
Box Office – Sells tickets and concessions; 1, 2, or 3 performances
Ushers – Takes tickets & monitors no food/drink; 1, 2, or 3 performances