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The “Wonder” of Unplugging

Our world moves fast fueled by work, school, extra-curricular activities, and TECHNOLOGY!

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It’s important to unplug every once in a while; to take a step back from the routine of life, and simply…relax. We believe the art of restoration is a habit we must instill in our children.
Which is exactly why Deacon Bri and a few adult sponsors recently escorted several TLLC Youth members to La Grange —  about an hour southeast of Austin — for a weekend at Lutherhill Ministries, a year-round retreat center which helps visitors experience the love of Christ in unique settings and new ways.
Lutherhill Ministries says its goal is to remove every day distractions children face in order to learn more about God in the great outdoors.
Deacon Bri says the retreat did just that.
“While the weather was cold and rainy the Holy Spirit really kept us warm. We found ourselves drawing closer to God with our weekend theme of ‘wonder.’ We wondered how God finds us in worship, leadership, and service together and for the sake of the world. We already can’t wait until next year!”
For the students, these retreats have the potential to raise their level of consciousness with regard to how they spend their time and how they communicate with their friends and family. The outings also encourage them to notice and appreciate the world and people around them.
“I’ll remember Brittany catching the football, delicious breakfast omelettes, winning at Clue (against the other churches), and our service project of improving the playground at Lutherhill — we moved a lot of sand,” said Enzo Romano who attended the retreat.
Retreats are just one of the many ways TLLC works to have lasting, positive impact on the lives of its youth members.
“I’m thankful to be part of our youths’ lives,” said volunteer Julie Shannon, “and encouraged to see how their experiences with the TLLC Youth Group have shaped them into faith-filled adults.”
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