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Bull Creek Clean-up

Twenty-six Triumphant Love members of all ages gave their Saturday morning last week to care for our creek. We met at church bright and early and carpooled to St. Edwards Park on Old Spicewood Springs Road. We hiked about 15 minutes up one of the trails and set to work picking up trash and cutting down thorny vines. We were happy to see that the trails and the creek were quite clean, thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Bull Creek Foundation and neighbors that care enough to pick up trash every time they walk the trails. But off trail, deep in the brush, we found enough to fill several big bags, and some things too big to fit into a bag…like plastic from the bottom of a car and a plastic table! It was hard to pick the most unusual and interesting trash item, but Nicholas Orth took the prize with an old metal breaker box. The spring-fed water was crystal clear and ice cold but that didn’t stop several of the kids from jumping in off a rope swing and walking along the creek to look for trash.

A week earlier our Sunday morning Care of Creation speaker, Skip Cameron, president of the Bull Creek Foundation, told us that the two biggest polluters of Bull Creek are pet poop and fertilizers. And these wash into the creek with every rainfall from anywhere in the watershed. So if you live above the creek, even miles away, remember that you can care for our creek every day by cleaning up after your pet, not using fertilizers on your lawn, and picking up trash whenever you see it. And when you get a chance, take a walk along the creek and enjoy this beautiful part of God’s creation.