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Triumphant Love Lutheran Church Youth Pie Sale

IMPORTANT: This order page is NOT for school PTA pies. This order page is for pies to be picked up at TLLC on Wednesday, November 27 beginning at 5pm.

2019 Pie Baking Fundraiser

Thank you for ordering your Thanksgiving Pies through the Triumphant Love Lutheran Youth Program. The money we raise through this effort will be used for our summer mission trip to Philadelphia where we will engage in urban food justice programs.

Flavors: Pecan, Pumpkin and Apple

Cost: $15 each

Orders are taken through the payment button below using Paypal or you can fill out an order envelope found in the church bulletins and pay with check or cash.

Pies will be ready for pick up beginning at 5pm on Wednesday, November 27 in the Fellowship Hall.


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