Tuition & Fees

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Monthly Tuition

Infant – 2 year olds

2 days/week$330/month
3 days/week$390/month
5 days/week$505/month

3-5 year olds

2 days/week$315/month
3 days/week$375/month
5 days/week$490/month

Annual Non-Refundable Fees

  • Registration Fee – $175/student due within 48 hours of submitting enrollment forms.
  • Enrollment Fee – $200/student due in May prior to the start of summer break.
  • May Tuition Deposit – With your May Deposit, you pay the following year’s May tuition. Due May 1st. In the event of withdrawal, the May deposit can be credited to the last month your child attends TLLC-Preschool, with 30 day written withdrawal notice. Withdrawals after March 31st forfeit the May deposit.
  • Facility Fee – Based on days enrolled. A 50% discount is applied to the Facility Fee for additional enrolled siblings, and will be applied to the student(s) whose Facility Fee is the lesser value.
    • 2 days/week = $200
    • 3 days/week = $300
    • 5 days/week = $500

Extended Care Fee

1 Hour/week $60
2 Hours/week $80
3 Hours/week $100
4 Hours/week $120
5 Hours/week $140
6 Hours/week $160
7 Hours/week $180
8 Hours/week $200
9 Hours/week $220
10 Hours/week $240
11 Hours/week $260
12 Hours/week $280
13 Hours/week $300
We offer extended care options both before and after school for enrolled students at an additional cost.
  • Before school care (for all ages) offered Monday – Friday, from 8:30am-9:30am.
  • After school care (for 2 yrs and up) offered Monday – Thursday, from 1:30pm-3:30pm
If you occasionally need to take advantage of our extended care options, the drop-in fee for before or after school care is $15/hour.

Drop-In Fee

There is a $40 per day fee to fill a drop-in spot in your child’s class. Contact the TLLC-Preschool office staff to inquire about the availability of drop-in spots.

Late Pick-Up Fee

Students must be picked up by 1:35pm. A late fee of $10 + $1 per minute (for each child picked up late) will be charged beginning at 1:35pm. If an emergency should arise and you believe you will be late, please call the TLLC-Preschool office at (512) 346-1323.

Wait List Fee

Parents interested in enrolling their child in a class that is currently full at TLLC-Preschool are invited to join our Wait List. There is a $35 per child, per school year fee to place your child on our wait list.