TLLC’s purpose is to celebrate and share God’s grace with all. One key way we do that is by generously sharing what God has first given us – our time, talent, and yes, our treasure. We see ourselves as stewards (rather than owners) of what God has given us. As stewards we joyfully share as we are able both at TLLC and beyond TLLC because stewardship is about much more than money. It is a theological mindset!

Online Giving

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Annual Stewardship Campaign

Join us in “Growing a Generous Faith” by making a financial commitment to our ministry.
TLLC Endowment

Endowment Fund

The Endowment is a set of funds established to provide a permanent source of income in perpetuity. Donations are a way for individuals to give special, permanent gifts dedicated to the work of the church. These funds are used solely for grants and are not used to support the general budget or operating expenses of the church.

Designated Giving

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