Holistic Stewardship

The Holistic Stewardship team is tasked with providing periodic and ongoing education about being a holistic steward, including caring for creation, ourselves, and neighbors as well as how to share generously of our time, talent, and treasure both at and beyond TLLC. We encourage members and visitors alike to join in our 3 Year “Growing a Generous Faith” vision – 1) Deepening Engagement, 2) Forming Faith from Roots to Fruit, 3) Strengthening Stewardship.

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Time and Talent

Helping members identify and utilize their spiritual gifts both at and beyond TLLC. Typically through New Member Classes, Confirmation Classes, and during the annual stewardship campaign.


Helping members recognize God’s generosity to us and inspire all to live and to give. This includes the annual stewardship campaign and making financial commitments to giving toward TLLC’s ministry. 

Stewarding Life & Death

The Resurrection Garden is located on the south end of our property. It is open to the public and offers solitude for reflection, meditation, prayer, and remembrance with a beautiful scenic view of the canyon below and distant hills. The ministry of the Garden is to memorialize deceased members on the Resurrection Garden walls, inter cremains in a columbarium niche (showing names and birth and death dates), and provide a place to inscribe the names of those whose ashes are scattered or who are buried elsewhere. Learn more about our Resurrection Garden.

Click here for more information about funerals at TLLC.

Care of Creation Team

Seeking to encourage and inspire our congregation to care for creation, we work together to lead TLLC to make our building, grounds, and our church community a place where God’s gift of the earth is cherished and restored. Join us for topics on Earthkeeping, Stewardship, Conservation, Restoring Creation, and Climate Justice.

We meet on the 4th Saturdays at 1:30-3:00pm in the Parlor.

Interesting places on our property you will find:

Furnishings Team

This team makes decisions regarding the physical appearance of our property by selecting furnishings, finishes, colors, etc. for the rooms and common spaces.

Building Rental Space

We offer our building to various outside users and organizations to serve their needs and further their ministries. These events often include academic and music education; local neighborhood and outreach groups; health and wellness education; and private gatherings.

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