Inspired to Live, Inspired to Give

“You received the word with joy inspired by the Holy Spirit, so that you became an example to all.”

-1 Thessalonians 1:6-7

Dear Friends in Christ,
Since our congregation’s founding, our community of faith has been guided by our name – Triumphant Love. This Fall our leadership team revealed our new TLLC Mission Statement: Inspire people to live boldly in God’s triumphant love. As we turn to the ancient time of the harvest and a season of thankfulness, we are mindful of how this new mission statement relates to our ministry stewardship. Often when churchgoers hear that word they clutch tighter to their wallets! Yet, we know that stewardship is about more than money. It’s about EVERYTHING – creation, community, and yes, contributions. This year as we ask you to make your financial commitment to our ministry with your 2024 Pledge, we are sharing the story of three families who are Inspired to Live, Inspired to Give. We hope you will join them in boldly sharing your time, talent, and treasure to create vibrant ministry at TLLC!

Gene & Jan Richards
Soon after moving to Austin in 1985, we joined TLLC. For the first decades of our membership we were merely observers, attending worship and a few activities. Several years ago, we were asked if we would be willing to serve as a member of the church council and to work with youth. These opportunities inspired us to look for additional ways to serve, which has led to a deepening of our faith. The 136 people that attended the first worship service at TLLC in 1977 planted seeds of unconditional love that continue to inspire our ministry and so we give boldly with our time, talent, and treasure. We hope you will too!

Karen & Rick Steans
Karen and I have been members of Triumphant Love for 11 years. When we retired and moved to Austin, we were looking for a new church. After unsuccessfully searching for a church close to our home, we decided(boldly) to go far afield and try TLLC. Simply put, TLLC was warm, welcoming and offered the Christian community that we were seeking. Over these 11 years we have become very involved in TLLC’s community and many of its ministries. In the process, we have come to know and appreciate the many people who share our Christian values, working together to provide a place of comfort and welcome for all. Because TLLC has inspired our faith, we thankfully support TLLC’s ministries with our talents and financial gifts.

Kate & Sage Weber
Last summer, I experienced one of those ‘full circle moments’. I saw my child serve at Camp Hope – as I had in my youth. That moment was profound to me (not just because it made me feel really old). I saw how the church inspires each generation and how my service at church has evolved as I have aged. These days, you are much more likely to find me having dinner on a Wednesday than in a pew on a Sunday. One day in the future, that will change. With kids and a career, it’s easier to write a check than find an opening in the calendar. One day, that may change. What won’t change is my faith that the church will always find ways to inspire me, and no matter where I am in life for that moment, I will be inspired to live and give boldly.

As we continue growing as a congregation, it is more important than ever to give our time and talent as well as our treasure in order to share God’s triumphant love. To live boldly into our new mission, we are projecting bold budgets for ministry and staffing, which means we need an increased giving of 3%. Help us keep our Triumphant Love ministry inspiring by sharing your gifts this year through one of the pledging methods detailed in the Pledge Form Instructions!

In Christ,

Pastor Danielle and the Holistic Stewardship Team

Progress to Goal
67% (to Live)
100% (to Give)

Join us in our Inspired to Live, Inspired to Give Stewardship Campaign by sharing your time, talent, and treasure this year and receive this three-piece TLLC butterfly magnet! Each household will receive the “Inspired” cross piece as we give thanks to God for all we have been given. You receive the “To Give” butterfly wing after completing your 2024 Pledge. You receive the “To Live” butterfly wing after completing our Spiritual Gifts Discovery. Then display your TLLC butterfly as a reminder to live boldly in God’s triumphant love! Submit your pledge today and help us reach our goal!


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