Growing A Generous Faith 2022

Rev. Danielle Moore Casey

A Message from Pastor Danielle:

At Triumphant Love Lutheran Church we are Forming Faith from Roots to Fruit in each person to whom we minister. Every day, whether you are an infant in the beginning of your life journey or an octogenarian with all the wisdom of your years, we offer you the opportunity to be more deeply rooted in Christ, branch out through new learning, and bear good fruit in the world by planting the seed of faith in others. This year as we ask you to make your commitment to our ministry with your 2022 Pledge, we are sharing the story of three strong stewardship branches in our Triumphant Love Family Tree. Each of them is the epitome of Forming Faith from Roots to Fruit because stewardship is always rooted in faith!

This year, let’s honor their memory with our generous giving! We have faced much adversity as a congregation this past year, but because of our deep roots, we have remained strong. With your faithful stewardship, we can keep our Triumphant Love Family Tree thriving and vibrant! Grow your gift this year, and just watch how God will Form YOUR Faith from Roots to Fruit in the process!  

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson

Doug Nelson was never one to waste the talents God gave him, whether he was using them in the private sector, through charities, or at Triumphant Love. The Parable of the Talents exemplifies Doug’s stewardship: “Then the one who had received the five talents came forward, bringing five more talents, saying, ‘Master, you handed over to me five talents; see, I have made five more talents’” (Matthew 25:20). As Director of Operations at TLLC, Doug periodically reminded us the value of growing giving and regular giving. He didn’t do this so we could just pay the bills but rather so that the ministry of TLLC would bear good fruit!

Armond Paulson

Armond Paulson spent his life dedicated to the church and its ministries. After only a few months as a TLLC member, he helped us launch our Holistic Stewardship Committee. Armond preached that true stewardship is holistic – encompassing giving ourselves, our time, and our possessions to God. Stewardship is not just about money but about a whole-life response of thanksgiving and gratitude to God for all the gifts we have received. Armond said, “I have seldom seen as much leadership talent as we have at TLLC. We just need to give everyone opportunities to share their time, talent, and treasure!”

Murray Wells

Murray Wells

Murray Wells lived his life by these words: “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” (Matthew 6:21). As his son, David, shared at his memorial, Murray was always a cheerful and joyful giver. As Holistic Stewardship Committee Chair, Murray became passionate about legacy giving – planned future giving from an estate so that your ministry support continues beyond this life. To learn more about continuing your stewardship to TLLC through legacy giving contact

2021: A Year in Review

Fulfilling Our Purpose

To Celebrate and share God’s grace by:

  • Engaging children and youth across generations
  • Developing faithful leaders of all ages
  • Embracing all with unconditional love
  • Sharing our stories of God’s hope.


In everything we do we strive to create generations of faithful leaders, rooted in unconditional love and overflowing with hope.

2022 Financial Goals

  • Increase Online Presence and Ministry
  • Increase Staff Support
  • Grow Replacement and Operating Reserves
  • Reduce fixed costs

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