Growing A Generous Faith 2023

“Blessed are those whose faith is in the LORD… They shall be like a tree planted by water, sending out its roots by the stream… and continually bearing fruit.” 

Jeremiah 17:7-8

For the past three years, Triumphant Love has been guided by the theme Growing a Generous Faith. In this final year of our journey, we turn to focus on stewardship. Often when churchgoers hear that word they clutch tighter to their wallets! Yet, we know that stewardship is about more than money. It’s about EVERYTHING – creation, community, and yes, contributions. When our Staff, Council and Board of Ministries set out our goals for this year, we realized that all of them centered on stewardship of a different kind – the stewardship of relationship. This year as we ask you to make your financial commitment to our ministry with your 2023 Pledge, we are sharing the story of three branches in our Growing a Generous Faith Tree to highlight our relational goals:

Mary - New Members

I was raised Catholic, and while I felt deeply connected to faith, I struggled with the institution. After having children of our own, my husband Mark and I knew we wanted to enrich our and our children’s lives with a strong relationship in a community of faith. Some friends introduced us to TLLC. After our first time attending worship at TLLC, Mark and I immediately felt we found a community that was steeped in warmth, kindness, acceptance, and love. We were thrilled to become New Members and “official’ Lutherans in February of 2020, and we look forward to continuing to grow our faith in the years ahead as our relationships and stewardship grow and are strengthened here.

Carl - The Disconnected

My wife, Dianne, was ill for several years which meant that we were not able to be very active members of Triumphant Love. Yet, in spite of our growing absences, members reached out to care for us and show us that we were not alone in our struggles. The TLLC Eucharistic Ministry Team often brought us communion, offered their friendship, and checked on us with cards, visits, and calls.  Dianne died in early 2020, but had she lived longer she would have found the Worship Where You Are online services to be very helpful and strengthening as she faced the last days of her life. I know I did. Through the stewarding of these relationships, I have reconnected at Triumphant Love in new ways and continue growing my faith.

Bianca - 20s & 30s

Growing up Lutheran since childhood, there has always been a place for me in the church somewhere. My peers & I went through the same programs together for years, but as we entered adulthood some of the paths that we were on began to branch off into different directions. These huge life changes that we deal with as young adults are just some of the reasons why young adult ministry is important. My goal in working with the stewardship team at Triumphant Love is to replant a 20s & 30s group here – to provide myself and my peers with the friendships, support and community we need to navigate this crucial stage of life together. Through stewarding these relationships, we will grow a generous faith for years.

As we continue growing out of the disruptions of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to give our time and talent as well as our treasure to rebuilding our community – one relationship at a time. In order to achieve these goals, we are projecting increased budgets for ministry and staffing, which means we need growth in giving by 3%. We hope that you will join us on this journey, share your generous faith, and make our Triumphant Love tree vibrant and colorful!  Help us keep our Triumphant Love Family Tree thriving by sharing your gifts this year through one of the pledging methods described in the instructions, and just watch how God will Grow a Generous Faith and Strengthen your Stewardship in the process!

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