Our Story

Our Roots

Many great relationships start with an invitation. More than two thousand years ago, Jesus invited the disciples to come and join him in his journeys – to come just as they were and experience joy in the journey.

In 1977, Pastor Dan and Nova continued the tradition of the faithful; extending the same invitation to come, just as you are. They knocked on doors, getting to know members of our northwest Austin community. This inclusive invitation to a diverse community, in response to God’s triumphant love, was an invitation to receive and to give. It was an invitation to rich and poor alike, to people of all races, to the strong and to the weak…offered in the faith of the Psalmist, who said: He will raise you up on eagle’s wings, bear you on the breath of dawn, make you to shine like the sun, and hold you in the palm of his hand.

That invitation extended so many times in the years that have followed, has been a part of our Christian community of faith: to worship, study, rejoice and celebrate together; to labor together; to delight in each other and make the condition of others our own; and finally to keep before us Christ’s great commission to reach out to all people.

Our Growth

The original congregation met on Sundays in rented retail space used during the week by Gunn Title Company. The first major project was to construct dividers for classroom spaces for Sunday School. In June of 1978 the Building Committee was tasked with developing plans for a structure located on the current TLLC site. Their proposal was accepted in 1980 and the first building consisting of a sanctuary, office space, classrooms, and a kitchen was completed in 1981. With rapid growth, a second building was constructed in 1987 which now houses our Preschool and doubles as additional Sunday School space. Continued growth prompted a larger sanctuary addition to be constructed in 1998. The building you see now is the result of a third expansion project in 2006 which again expanded the sanctuary, completely remodeled the office and classroom spaces, and added a second story for a large fellowship hall. The Resurrection Garden was constructed on the south end of our property in 2009. We continue to develop our campus & grounds to the glory of God and to the stewardship of our neighborhood.

Our Fruit

With firm roots of Christian faith, Lutheran tradition, and service to our community, TLLC’s ministry has grown in faith, size, membership, and spirituality through the decades since its founding.  Through this growth and because of these strong roots, our ministry continues to bear good fruit in our neighborhood and with neighbors around the world. 

From the first Vacation Bible School of 45 children to 2 weeks of full day Camp Hope serving nearly 200 yearly, we continue our commitment to children, youth, and families seeking to explore and expand their faith. 

From outreach that began with local blood banks, Caritas, and elder care to support of 15 organizations like Austin City Lutherans locally and Water to Thrive globally, we share of our bounty and serve others following in the way of Jesus Christ.

From partnering with other Lutherans and Christians across Austin to building relationships with those of other faiths through our partnership with iACT, we continue learning understanding through ecumenical dialogue. 

As in the parable of the mustard seed, from such small and humble beginnings grows the kingdom of God, giving life and sanctuary and bearing fruit and good news!

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