Bianca Blaney

Member at Large

I began attending TLLC in June 2021 and my family and I officially joined in June 2022. I decided to come here because out of all the local churches I had visited while in college, I always liked Triumphant Love the best and felt I would be able to fit in there. 

I have been involved in the church in various ways for a long time, including most recently being on the UT Campus Ministry (LuMin) board for three years (as a member, President, and secretary respectively), volunteering at the 2018 National Youth Gathering, working on leadership staff at Briarwood (North Texas ELCA camp) for two years, and serving as a voting member at the 2019 ELCA Churchwide Assembly. Since joining TLLC I have served on the care of creation team and the youth committee, am a high school mentor in our youth program, and play guitar with the praise band on Sundays and for our youth on Wednesdays. 

Since joining I have loved getting to know all of the kind people here! TLLC has been a wonderful community to me and I have loved getting to know everyone over these past couple years.