john crawford

John Paul Crawford

Member at Large

John Paul and wife joined Triumphant Love two weeks before the first pandemic lockdown, but they have found ways to connect and serve despite that hurdle. He has also been on the council at Lord of Life Lutheran Church, and both of them have served as council chair there. John Paul was also the Stephen Ministry Leader at Lord of Life for several years and brings that gift and experience to his role on council. He has practiced pharmacy for 43 years in hospital, chain and independent retail settings, and currently in long-term care, and he is a past President of the local pharmacy association. His favorite thing about Triumphant Love is the feeling of welcome and family! He says, “Several Lord of Life families have come here; John Paul’s brother-in-law is a member, so it’s a good fit. I am also impressed by the way TLLC has weathered the COVID storm. Such creativity and determination attracts me. I look forward to serving!”