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Join us for our Fall 2021 Pastor’s Bible Study series


Ancestors: Rooted in Our Faith Family Tree. In our first 8-week session, we will study various matriarchs of our faith from the Old Testament and explore how their stories might enhance, expand, and form our faith from roots to fruit.

Class Options:

Wednesdays at 1:00PM online (email [email protected] for the ZOOM login link)
Thursdays at 2:00PM in-person (with masks and social distancing in the Upper Room).

Grab your favorite Bible and come for either class or join us for both to branch out further in your study!

September 22/23

Eve & Lilith
In the beginning… God created woman. This week we’ll look at women in the creation stories (Genesis 1-3). We will dive into the differences of the two accounts, and what each has to say about women, as well as the Biblical character Eve. We will also briefly touch on the extra-Biblical creation character, Lilith, who appears in the Jewish Talmud, and why female Biblical scholars have lifted her story into Christian awareness in recent decades.

September 29/30

Sarah & Hagar
Look towards the heavens and count the stars… so shall your descendants be. This week we’ll review the stories of Sarai (Sarah) and her slave Hagar, examining how the promise of heir was elusive but finally accomplished not because of how humans try to solve the problem on their own but by God’s faithfulness. We will discuss how women used (and misused) what little power they had in ancient society and how God sees all women and does not abandon them.

October 6/7

Rebekah, Rachel & Leah
Birthrights, Beauty, and Barrenness… oh my! The stories of these Biblical women unfold with all the drama of a soap opera! Rebekah cunningly secures birthright and blessing for her favored son Jacob, who later marries two sisters, Rachel and Leah. Rachel is Jacob’s favorite – beautiful but barren. Leah is his first wife – fertile but forgotten. The stories of Biblical women often stay in the margins. Using such historical fiction as The Red Tent we will explore how these women might tell their own stories if they had the chance.

October 13/14

Miriam & the Midwives, Rahab, Deborah, & Jael
Smart sisters and cunning midwives, helpful harlots, prophets and powerful peg masters make their mark this week! The stories of these Biblical women are unique and intriguing and continue to show how God uses the most interesting of characters to continue the covenant. Their stories have been handed down in songs and poetry on papyrus and gilded Bible pages so they must be important. What can we learn from these Biblical matriarchs – our ancestors in the faith – about ourselves and our God?


October 20/21

Ruth & Naomi

October 27/28

Dinah, Tamar & Bathsheba

November 3/4

Abigail & Judith

November 10/11


November 17/18

Make Up Dates (if needed)

Check back here as we add more details about each week’s topic.

Contact [email protected] for more information.

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