Beneath the Cross – Lent & Holy Week 2022

Beneath The Cross Lent 2022

Lent begins on Ash Wednesday

March 2

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Sundays in Lent: Beneath the Cross but Not Alone

Lent is a season that calls us to the disciplines of prayer, fasting, and alms and leads us to reflect on Christ’s suffering, our mortality, and the world’s lament. Such disciplines and reflection can lead us to feel isolated and alone beneath the cross. However, our Sunday scriptures remind us that others stand with us in the shadow of the cross and that beneath it we face temptation and resistance and find hope, grace, and gratitude through their stories.

Services at 9:00am (livestreamed) and 11:00am (in-person)
March 6: Temptation: Beneath the Cross with Jesus
March 13: Resistance: Beneath the Cross with Jerusalem // Deacon Bri
March 20: Hope: Beneath the Cross with the Suffering // Pastor Norb
March 27: Grace: Beneath the Cross with the Prodigal // Deacon Darcy, SWT Synod
April 3: Gratitude: Beneath the Cross with Mary

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Holy Week: Beneath the Cross of Salvation

Every Sunday in worship the church celebrates the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. On several key days at the center of the church year, however, worship takes a particular shape. These central days include Holy Week and Easter, recalling Jesus’ own words to his disciples that he would be handed over to death, and that “after three days he will rise again.”  During this week, the church each year makes the passage with Christ through death into life. Only from beneath the cross can we realize that Christ is our salvation.

April 10 (Palm Sunday): Beneath the Cross of Jesus – Palms & Passion
April 14 (Maundy Thursday): Beneath the Cross of Jesus – Sacrificial Love
Services at 12pm (livestreamed) and 7pm
April 15 (Good Friday): Beneath the Cross of Jesus – Behold Our Salvation
   Services at 12pm (livestreamed) and 7pm
April 17 (Easter): Beneath the Cross… an Empty Tomb
Services at 7am (outdoor sunrise), 9am (livestreamed) and 11am

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Wednesdays: Beneath the Cross of Jesus

The beloved and well-known hymn “Beneath the Cross of Jesus” (ELW # 338) is the basis of our Lenten midweek worship and will be woven through each Wednesday service. Written by Scottish songwriter Elizabeth C. Clephane, in the late 1800s, the song hints at her own life of hope in the face of suffering. Clephane was sickly from her youth and died at the young age of 39, but she served the poor and sick despite her own ill health and was known as “Sunbeam” to her friends and family. Like Clephane, we live our lives beneath the cross of Jesus, beneath God’s manifold love and grace, beneath the symbol of our hope in Christ’s resurrection. In our midweek services we will explore what it means for us to abide at the foot of the cross, cling to the rock of our salvation, dwell in the house of the Lord, confess our sins fully, and receive God’s forgiveness.

Services at 7:00pm (in-person), Dinner at 5:45pm ($3/$6 per plate)

March 2 (Ash Wednesday): Beneath the Cross in Lent & Life // Noon service (livestreamed) and 7:00pm in-person
March 9: Beneath the Cross of Jesus I Long to Take My Stand
March 16: No Worship Service this Wednesday
March 23: Beneath the Cross of Jesus – A Home within the Wilderness
March 30: Beneath the Cross of Jesus – From my Contrite Heart, I Confess
April 6: Beneath the Cross of Jesus – Your Shadow for My Abiding Place

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In this year of Forming Faith from Roots to Fruit, we are providing Cross themed daily devotions for children and adults free of charge! Pick up a copy for your household at worship on Sundays or Wednesdays or at the church Monday-Thursday 10am-4pm.

devotions books

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