Care of Creation Fair 2024

The 2024 Care of Creation Fair held on April 13th was a remarkable convergence of organizations, individuals, and groups united in their commitment to environmental stewardship. The event showcased an impressive expansion from 15 booths in 2023 to 31 booths this year, featuring a diverse range of topics including everything from the Austin Bat Refuge, The Importance of Pollinators, and Travis County Friends of the Night Sky to the Austin Public Library Seed Sharing Program, ELCA Lutherans Restoring Creation, and the Texas A&M Forest Service.

Austin Bat Refuge


Protecting Pollinators


Friends of the Night Sky


APL Seed Sharing Program


Lutherans Restoring Creation


Texas A&M Forest Service

This year’s event saw a turnout of at least 100 attendees who engaged with experts across various booths, acquiring valuable insights and resources for environmental conservation. The distribution of handouts and free information provided participants with tangible materials to reference for ongoing education and action. A highlight for younger participants was a scavenger hunt which offered interactive learning experiences at various booths. Children had the opportunity to discover how to safeguard pollinators, construct bee houses, and master the unique skill of transforming an acorn cap into a whistle. They learned about and got to see a  tiny Free Tail bat who can live 16 years and migrate1000’s of miles during their lives.

Making Pine Cone Bird Feeders


The event was made possible by about 40 volunteers, led by the TLLC Care of Creation Team. Beginning at 9:00 AM, these Herculean volunteers carried tables across the parking lot for the 30+ booths, set up half a dozen canopies, hung pennants around the property in a blustery wind, offered a snack to experts at the booths during the day, and one woman in particular, kept the event running smoothly and happily.

Overall, the 2024 Care of Creation Fair not only educated but also inspired attendees to make a positive impact on their communities through environmental care. “It’s the best local environmental fair I’ve attended in Austin. I wish more churches would do this kind of thing,” said Chris of who led walks onto the TLLC trails. Maddie of A Rocha, an international network of environmental organizations with a Christian emphasis, said “This is wonderful! I would love to come back again next year!”

Chris from BioIntegrity


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Photo Credit: Matt Magbee

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