Care Packages for TLLC Graduates

Care package recipient

Every year at about Reformation time the high school youth group packs and ships care packages to all the recent (within 4 years) TLLC graduates. The packages include a Reformation themed devotion written by Pastor Danielle, a personal note from the youth group, small toys, and of course lots of candy! This is a tradition that has been going on at TLLC for many years. We have mailed care packages all over the world including several overseas military locations and even Australia! One fun thing to note is that there is a relatively new tradition with these packages that includes one lone french fry. A few years ago one of our youth kiddos decided to staple a real french fry to the note of its recipient. Needless to say it did not make the trip to its destination in edible form, but it has been a joke ever since. So in memory of the french fry prank, each care package is packed with love and a lone plastic french fry.

Read these comments below from some of our care package recipients:

What a great pick me up in the middle of my shift! The good news network will love to hear about how candy in the mail is pushing gen z upward and onward. – Marisa

Receiving mail at college is always exciting, especially when it’s candy. It’s nice to know that there are people at home besides your parents who are rooting for you. – Elizabeth

Thank you so much to the youth group for the care package! It’s so nice to know that I always have a home at TLLC even when I’m in another state. I’m so thankful for everyone there. –Dylan

Receiving these care packages is always the highlight of my semester cause I remember all the sweet times I had packing these when I was in high school and every amazing memory of youth at Triumphant Love. It makes me so happy when I see the package in my mailbox, and I am so thankful for everyone for putting a bright spot in my stressful semester. – Casey

My care package was filled with candy, a yoyo, a sticker, and a few other toys. It was a really sweet reminder that there are still people from TLLC who think of me. – Davis

Thank you so much TLLC for the loving care package you sent me. It was really nice to see that even after my time away at school the community is still thinking of me. – Chris

The care packages are a nice reminder of how the church is thinking of us during finals and it’s nice to get some treats during a stressful time. – Natalie
It was really nice to get the care package and see that they are still continuing the tradition and some of the inside jokes. I’ve been really enjoying the monkeys in a barrel that I received. I had never played before I got it and now it’s become a fun thing that I like to do while watching a show or just during my free time. – Matthew

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