Couples Retreat 2024

When Deacon Kelly arrived at TLLC she surveyed the congregation for adult faith activities that they might have her pursue.  A “couples retreat” came up on several surveys.  Done.  Deacon Kelly fulfilled that request just last month…and the couples loved it!

“A happy spouse is one who feels loved by their spouse.”  Seemed like a no brainer to us, but it’s complicated.  Different people with different personalities express love in different ways, different languages of love.  Okay, so we accepted Deacon Kelly’s challenge. We were going to find our own unique approaches on how to effectively love our spouses. The Five Languages of Love.

First, the date. That worked out to be a Friday and Saturday in February where nothing was going on. (She pushed that one, just getting back in time for the Super Bowl that Sunday!) Then she needed a place of quiet solitude and serenity. How about a large house in the Hill Country, near Wimberley, with enough space for everyone to meet comfortably, cook and share meals, and, for everyone to have their own private bath. Got it!


The end result was a fun and relaxing weekend for everyone to re-connect with their spouses! And, the couples did come to understand their spouses just a bit better. And getting to know the other couples too, including how they first met. Can we have an awwwwww. And cooking, wow. This was definitely a fun time, cooking together, sharing conversation.



While we all agreed, what’s said in Wimberley, stays in Wimberley, here are a few comments.


“Just want to tell all of you that we had a really enjoyable, enlightening, & fun weekend. Great food, great place, great rain, & most of all, wonderful people. Thank you so much, Kelly for filling our tank with your love & expertise!”

“Oh, so that’s why you react that way when I say that!”

“No wonder our marriage is so good, we speak each other’s language!”

And on viewing one of the pics taken, “…four fine couples smiling brightly and looking me in the eye. (affirmation language)”

And another exclaiming how amazed he is that attending to his spouse’s Love Languages “has enhanced his life in just 24 hours.” (quality time language)

If you’re cooking you need a few who “outperform unselfishly on cleaning skills.” (service language)


And several couples made a long weekend out of  it, “We just hiked down to Jacobs Well!  Never knew it existed. The hike got our blood flowing!”

All of this has the makings of a second couples retreat. Send Deacon Kelly an email if you might be interested!!

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