Eclipse Party 2024

Triumphant Love decided to have an eclipse party and invited everyone to come see it and celebrate it on our upper deck.  And come you did!  There were 42 of us witnessing one of God’s awesome gifts.  Well, 1 wasn’t so taken with all of it and slept most of the time in her grandmother’s arms.


But everything else was right on time, to the first event goers arriving at 12:00 on the dot, to the total solar eclipse occurring right at 1:35, just as the scientists said!

We enjoyed everything as was promised.  All of those eclipse approved goodies (the moon pies vanished!), the multitude of ISO approved eclipse glasses (didn’t want anyone to miss out!), plus tons of goodies that many brought.


We had arranged for a band to be playing live music, but they got caught in the eclipse traffic snarls and didn’t show up.  Instead, we had a TLLC Trivia Test to test our eclipse knowledge, each other to wax eloquently about all things eclipse, and an awesome eclipse playlist.  Respond to if you have any ideas of what songs might have been on the list!  Also for, send in your answers to what song was identified in 2022 as the most popular eclipse song, or if you know the answer to what was devouring the Sun that the Vikings thought was causing eclipses.

Regarding God’s creation, and our care for it, if you don’t want your eclipse glasses hanging around the house until the next eclipse, the City of Austin says you can properly dispose of them in recycling boxes at its recreation centers, senior centers, cultural centers, the Austin Nature and Science Center and Austin Public Library branches.  Plus, this Saturday, April 13th, you can dive into even more ways of exploring how to care for our planet by attending the Care of Creation Fair in the TLLC parking lot.  From the deck to the parking lot!!

Yes, it was a memorable April 8th on the upper deck, and a sight to behold, both the eclipse and the party goers, including those BOLDLY wearing  their “I got mooned at TLLC” stickers!

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