Empty or Filled?

marriage at cana

Throughout the Season of Epiphany, we are reminded that an epiphany – an aha moment – can happen anywhere. Ordinary things like stars, doves, and wine all point to the glory and wonder of God-made-flesh in Jesus. Ordinary people – first wise men from the east, then a baptized crowd at the Jordan, and now wedding guests in Cana – all experience the brilliance, mystery, and abundance of God. In the Wedding at Cana, our God rejoices over us and shows us once again that, in Jesus, we are filled to the brim. But if you are like me maybe you feel down to your last drop rather than filled to the brim. Yet another pandemic surge, an ensuing crisis in our healthcare system, and friends and family getting sick despite all best efforts have left us feeling like empty vessels. Perhaps that’s why communion is such an essential part of our worship. Perhaps that’s why this story as odd as it may be is such an essential part of who Jesus is for John and for us. When we feel empty, when we are slogging through our ordinary days, when we are seeking something that will nourish our parched spirits, God shows up. In Jesus, we are filled to the brim. This story in particular shows us what God’s grace looks like, feels like, and even tastes like. So as you gather around the table, your table, any table for Worship Where You Are this week, Jesus invites you to “taste and see that the Lord is good!” Don’t try to refill yourself, join us this week and let Jesus fill you to the brim!

The scriptures for this Sunday are Psalm 36:5-10, 1 Corinthians 12:1-11, and John 2:1-10. The songs for this Sunday are #310 “Songs of Thankfulness and Praise” vs. 1, 2, 4, #312 “Jesus, Come, for We Invite You” vs. 1-3, and #881 “Let All Things Now Living”.

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