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19 members of our Mary Martha Friendship Group visited the campus of New Life Children’s Center to learn more about the program.

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Many of the girls at New Life Children’s Center have experienced extreme abuse and/or neglect. Girls are court referred to the program which is designed to create a safe place to recover and build strength.

When a girl arrives at New Life, she may only have the clothes on her back. A full 7 day wardrobe, sheets and blankets are provided for each girl. When she leaves New Life, she takes  all of these items with her to make a start in a new setting. Girls generally stay for 5-6 months,  While some girls return to their families, most go into foster care because it is a more gradual progression for them.

All services are offered on campus. The girls attend a charter school where they are taught by credentialed teachers. This allows them to carry credits to their next school. They can also earn a full diploma from this school. Former students return to campus to encourage and help the girls pursue college and career goals. Other former students teach them about support available to those aging out of foster care.

Volunteers and paid staff stock and operate a store and a beauty salon. A peaceful chapel provides a place for worship and Bible study. Girls attend a variety of churches in nearby towns on Sundays to worship and on Wednesdays to participate in youth activities. Housing is available for family visits when permitted.

Individual counseling is a strong part of their program. Cottages housing small groups of students help foster relationships. Staffing is a 5/1 ratio. Right now, New Life has room and funding for 60 girls but only has 20 because they cannot hire enough staff. If you know anyone with a heart for helping who is looking for a job, please share this information.

Following our visit, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the famous Grist Mill Restaurant in Gruen.  TLLC has traditionally provided gifts at Christmas for New Life. We were glad to be able to see how our gifts help and get some ideas of what we can do in the future.

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