Reconciling in Christ at TLLC – Fall 2021

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Reconciling Works is a 47 year old ministry in the Lutheran Church working to expand the welcome of the church, liberating those who are forced to live in the margins, dismantling barriers and building bridges to keep working until all of God’s beloved have equity.

Reconciling Works advocates for the acceptance, full participation, and liberation of people of all sexual orientations, gender identities, gender expressions, and racial and ethnic identities within the Lutheran Church.

We are EXCITED to announce that TLLC has entered into one of Reconciling Works programs for congregations, synods, outdoor ministries, and organizations called: Reconciling in Christ (RIC). Reconciling in Christ is an almost 40 year program that congregations and synods go through to discern and explicitly state their welcome towards LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex, and allied) and BIPOC (black and indigenous people of color). Our RIC team has been meeting since mid 2019 to discern if it was time for TLLC to engage in this work, and even with the pandemic, the feedback was a resounding yes!

Individual Class Information:

November 21 & December 5 (no class on 11/28)
Starting on the 21st of November there will be a 2 class series (the 21st and the 5th of December) on the ELCA’s four statements on human sexuality. What is our denominations interpretation of scripture? Do we all have to have the same belief about every single thing?? And if not what does that mean for our community?

Week 3  RIC 101 Part 3:  Why Now?
This week in our intro to RIC we will be talking more and answering the questions of why we are doing this process now, and why we think it matters for us at TLLC. Come join Deacon Bri as we discuss hospitality to our LGTBQIA+ neighbors as well as our neighbors of color.

Week 2  RIC 101 Part 2:  Terms and Pronouns
What can you say? What does any of this mean? What is Offensive?

Week 1  RIC 101 An Introduction
Our team keeps circling back to the question of how can we be more welcoming to those who are already in our pews?? If you’d like to know more, or learn more, or ask questions please feel free to reach out to the team or myself, Deacon Bri. We will be having many education opportunities throughout the next year; starting with “Intro To RIC” on October the 24th taught by Deacon Bri! Keep a look out for other “RIC stamped” education or participation events throughout the year.


Meet your team:



Mary & Becca
Mary & Becca


Kathryn, Gene, Deacon Bri, Hunter

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