Summer Camp Fun 2021

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This summer we sent over 30 kids from TLLC (finished 2nd – 8th graders) to camp for a week. They attended Camp Chrysalis in Kerville, Texas where campers share in Christian community as they play, explore and discover a deeper, personal faith while forming friendships and developing skills that last a lifetime.

Here are some reflections from our participants:

Camp Chrysalis 2021

“This was Mason’s first time going to Camp Chrysalis! He was so nervous and excited, both. He said his favorite things about camp were getting to spend time with his friends and the new friendships he made, Turtle Time where he could do anything he wanted to as long as it was quiet, and all the good snacks and drinks. He can’t wait to go again next year!!” -Amy (mom to Mason-age 9)


camp chrysalis 2021

“I had a blast with all the kids this week, they are such a wonderful group. They are coming home with a bunch of dirty clothes and a lot of great memories!” -Hunter (adult sponsor)


Camp Chrysalis 2021

“At camp the counselors were so kind. I loved all the food and the activities, especially creek swim. I had a great time with my friends.” -Henrik (age 12)


Camp Chrysalis 2021

“At Camp Chrysalis, I love how there is always healthy, good food. I always have a ton of fun doing the activities. The counselors are always nice and I make new friends when I go.” -Caleb (age 12)


Camp Chrysalis 2021

“Something I learned at camp was all the new rotations at camp that I have never done before, they were lots of fun. I saw God at camp when I tested negative for covid there. I’ll always carry the memory of Gaga ball from chrysalis it’s so fun and I’m pretty good at it.” -Nate (age 14)


Camp Chrysalis 2021
“My favorite part was that I made some new friends. The food there is amazing – especially the “Thanksgiving” lunch. Swimming in the creek was great, and going down the giant slide was the best. …Advice for the slide – always make sure it’s wet first, or you can get a really bad rash.” -Mary Patton (age 12)


Camp Chrysalis 2021
“I really loved it all – especially the dance party.” But I also liked Turtle Time because it was calm and I got to read my book. The singing was fun, and some of the songs are STILL stuck in my head! But that’s okay – I like them!” -Walker (age 8)


Camp Chrysalis 2021
” Something I learned at camp was how to make and paint pottery. It was a super fun activity. I saw God in all of the beautiful scenery and in all of our Bible study classes. Something I will always carry with me is the joy of being with my friends, and getting to share a super cool experience with them.” -Davis (age 14)

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