TLLC Members Serve at UT Lutheran Campus Ministry (LuMin)

Pastor Brad Fuerst of LuMin writes:

October 31st, Reformation night, we served tacos to around 450 hungry Longhorns, thanks to the incredible team of 12 volunteers assembled by Carl and Triumphant Love Lutheran Church and 10 current LuMin students…the most students ever served on a Tailgate Taco Tuesday.

The line of students was longer than the block!


Tracy, Dean, Bianca, Angela, Erin, and LuMin students packing meal boxes

And thanks too, to Carl and Claudia for sponsoring this service to so many hungry Longhorns!

Claudia at the griddle
Carl, Maria, and a LuMin student at the griddle

When we serve tacos, we’re making everything ourselves sans corn tortillas (but don’t think I haven’t thought about it). Last night it was tangy achiote chicken (marinated overnight) street tacos, and we debuted a black bean taco with lime infused shredded cabbage. Both were served with cilantro, onions, Mexican crema, and roasted tom and chile de arbol salsa – which one volunteer described as “aggressive…yet the kind of hot you just wanna keep eating.”

Pastor Brad and Angela preparing salsa


Tom chopping cilantro

The goal at Tailgate Tuesdays is not just to feed a massive amount of students – anyone can do that – but to offer them really really good food made with love and served with a really really good helping of loving kindness.

A LuMin student and Pastor Brad cutting up the grilled chicken

Why? Because Christ has freed us up to serve, and to render that service in a manner that is akin to how we’ve first been served. No merit badges needed here. Just a bunch of undeserved Grace animating folx who give a flip…this is behind what I think was posted on the church’s door 506 years ago. …and it’s the animus – now – behind the Love on display at 2100 San Antonio every Tuesday.

Triumphant Love volunteers, it was a joy for our LuMin Austin students and I to celebrate Reformation Day with you in this way!

-Pastor Brad

A second food ministry program offered by LuMin is the weekly food bank which serves between 60 and 80 students on Wednesday evening from 6-9pm. This year we are adding the LuMin food bank ministry to our GIFT PIE recipient list. If you’d like to purchase a GIFT PIE for this ministry, order below. The deadline to order is November 11.


TLLC has supported the LuMin campus ministry program in the past with grants from our Triumphant Love Endowment.

Truly examples of

… inspired people living boldly in God’s triumphant love.

If you would like to participant in an event like this, especially if you have a UT connection, contact and we will get you on the contact list.

We really do “give a flip!”

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