Trunk or Treat 2021

Trunk or Treat 2021

Sunday, October 24 we hosted our annual Trunk or Treat community event after a 1 year hiatus due to COVID. We did not offer live music or free food as we have in years past, and we set up the trunks in such a way that family groups moved through the line in an orderly and spaced out fashion. So, we were not sure if folks would feel comfortable or be interested in attending this more “covid-friendly” format. You can imagine how extremely surprised and delighted we were when 18 families signed up to pass out candy from their decorated trunk and when over 350 people and 6 dogs showed up! See our full photo album HERE and read a few comments from some of those who participated:

Giving back to our community is a great feeling. I enjoyed seeing all the children from different cultures and backgrounds come together and celebrate during these crazy times of a pandemic. God is good. We are so blessed. – Christina M.

I personally had a wonderful time and was thrilled to be a part of an in person event that felt safe for everyone involved. Seeing the smiling faces of both the kids and parents was a real treat. – Alyssa

It is always my joy to see the children from the preschool come out and participate but to have the former students in attendance makes us so happy!! It’s fun to watch them grow! We are so blessed to be connected to wonderful families. – Laura M. (CDC Director)

Soccer Shots Austin loved being a part of TLLC’s Trunk-or-Treat event this past Sunday! It was a fun and safe way to connect with everyone from the church and surrounding communities. As a local vendor serving the CDC and a small business in the greater Austin area, we are so grateful for the opportunity to participate in such a fun event. We can’t wait for next year! – Arianne (Soccer Shots)

It was amazing!! It was lots of fun and great excitement to see the kids in their costumes. The most we have seen in all the years we have participated in the event. We enjoy it every year. – Vernetta W.

We’d love more stories….send in yours and we will add it to this news post!

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