Water to Thrive Project Update – March 2021

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Background:  Since 2008, Water to Thrive has funded more than 1,100 water projects in four countries, bringing clean, safe water to over 600,000 community beneficiaries.

TLLC member Dick Moeller founded Water to Thrive after participating in an adult education class about the global water crisis. Over the years, our members have sponsored over 100 water projects, and many have traveled on trips to African water project sites. Even during this global health crisis, Water to Thrive continues to provide life-saving, clean water to families in need. You can donate online HERE or by check to TLLC (memo: Water to Thrive) to support water projects, or click HERE to give to the Drop by Drop Fund in support of W2T operating expenses.

Update on the current TLLC sponsored well projects in Oromia, Ethiopia

We are happy to report that the TLLC water project in Oromia, Ethiopia is complete and serving the community. Your project was part of the construction of fifteen water projects in the Dembia District in northwest Ethiopia to improve water access for at least 1,143 households and 5,715 beneficiaries. With the links below you can view and/or download the Donor Completion Report and photographs of the project site and local beneficiaries. Our implementing partner, Ethiopian Orthodox Church Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission (EOC-DICAC), in partnership with Water to Thrive, managed the construction of all the projects in this program.

For the Donor Completion Report, click HERE.
For pictures of your water projects, click on the name here: Bata Village

Country                      Ethiopia
District                       Dembia
Village                       Guramba Bata
Site Name                 Bata Village
GPS                            Latitude: 12.338862; Longitude : 37.329099
Number of Beneficiaries*:  290
*This is the number of beneficiaries within 1 kilometer of the project. Because of the scarcity of water, often 2-3x that number may benefit from the project.

Each day, these new projects provide clean, safe water to hundreds of people. The communities participated fully in the construction and implementation of these wells and the villages have now taken full ownership of the projects. Water committees, selected by the communities themselves, maintain the water points and ensure that they are being properly used. The committees, along with the communities they serve, work hard to make sure that the wells are sustainable and will be able to provide clean water for many years.

Thanks to your generosity, these communities no longer have to face the fear of illness and death from dirty water. Women will be able to spend hundreds of additional hours a year looking after their families instead of collecting water. Children will not have to miss class to help gather water. Thanks to you and your efforts, these wells will be lasting sources of health, productivity and prosperity.

The people of Dembia and the team here at Water to Thrive thank you for making this blessing of water possible. We are grateful to have you as a partner in our mission to bring more clean water to those in need. If you have any questions concerning the completion, be sure to reach out to me.


Update on the current TLLC sponsored well projects in Tigray Ethiopia

The projects in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia and are part of a group of 40 projects being implemented by Relief Society of Tigray (REST). Due to recent conflict in the region, cell and internet has not been available in Tigray and only in the last 30 days have we been able to get updates directly from REST on the conditions in Tigray. While it is still impossible to know the full extent of the number of deaths and destruction, it is clear it has affected much of the geographic area and population. They have indicated that not all areas in Tigray are safe to return workers, but the REST staff is safe, their HQ in Mekele is staffed and working and they have opened remote offices in 7 woredas (think counties) to deliver humanitarian aid.

Just before the conflict started in November, our update from REST indicated that roughly 20 of the 40 projects were completed and functional. This includes the TLLC sponsored projects. Because REST is diverting their manpower to humanitarian aid, work on the remaining 20 projects has been suspended. It is unclear how long that will last, but we anticipate at least 6 months. As part of the humanitarian work, REST is beginning an assessment and repair of the water projects in the 7 woredas that have become non-functional either because of the lack of spare parts or damage during the conflict. When we get further updates from REST on the status of the projects, we will be sure to keep you informed.

Because of this loss of capacity, we have asked some of our other partners to increase their capacity to ensure that we can continue to serve those in need of clean water. Fortunately, other areas of Ethiopia continue to function normally, and our partners continue their work in the areas around Gondar, Ambo and Hawassa. Our partners in Tanzania and Uganda will also increase their capacity.

>> We ask that you include the people of Tigray and Ethiopia and our partners in your prayers….praying for peace, safety and health <<

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