Welcome Home Sweet Baby James

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After 48 days in the NICU, the Golden family welcomed home James Maverick last month. Dad, Mike, shared, “Baby James arrived eight weeks and one day early, weighing four pounds, six ounces. He arrived quite in a hurry: not only was he more than eight weeks early, but from the moment we got in the car to drive to the hospital to the moment of his birth was less than an hour!” His mom, Christine, explained, “Although he was a small baby by our standards, the nurses joked that James was one of the ‘big guys’ on the NICU floor (some of their really early preemies can be around one pound in weight).”

Baby James 2

Both parents shared their appreciation for James’s medical team saying, “We are so thankful to God for the angels he sent to us in the form of our medical team. From the moment Christine was wheeled in the front door to the moment we left, the Seton folks gave us their very best. Every day we were met with smiling faces (well, smiles under masks, of course) and genuine concern for not only James’s well-being, but our own as well. We will forever be grateful for their care.”

Baby James 3

The Golden family is also extremely thankful for their TLLC family. They included the following in an email to Pastor Danielle: We are also so appreciative of the support, the kind words, and the prayers of our TLLC family. Due to COVID, we haven’t been able to receive visitors or the many offers of assistance while James was immunocompromised, but we have felt the love and support of God and our community through all of this. It was especially kind of you to send a note (and a gift card which was so unnecessary but much appreciated) and all the calls to both of us to check in. We really appreciate it. Sorry for the long email, but in these difficult times, as the newsletter says, we can always use more good news!

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