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Submitted by Sue Ellen Jackson

It’s probably time to admit that it wasn’t a search for a church home that first brought me to the doors of Triumphant Love. It was yoga.

The year was 2000, and I was tired of battling traffic to get to a class in south Austin. The TLLC yoga class was close to my office. Soon, I was meeting church members that I really enjoyed in a casual setting, getting stress relief and flexibility at the same time! I continued in the class after our move to north Austin, and until the week our daughter was born in 2003. (A few have called her the “yoga baby!”)

Once I got the hang of motherhood, my yoga believers were still there for me. We shared tales of kids growing up, teens going to college, and other news from our mats. We even migrated together to a neighboring church for a year during construction at TLLC.

Indeed, those yoga relationships probably initiated my interest in transferring our membership to TLLC in 2008. Our class, both women and men, continued with many of the same members until about 2010 when our instructor moved away. We still greeted each other on Sundays, and I looked for them when joining in other events. The yoga program at TLLC took a break, but the relationships never ended.

God must have had a part in creating a new tradition of TLLC yoga in 2019, because several of my old friends reappeared on their mats along with new ones. Now with virtual sessions due to the pandemic, the class meets most Saturday mornings. We welcome both women and men from teenage through senior years from TLLC and around the country.

Our instructor and registered nurse, Jill Birt, gets to know us and provides alternatives for anyone with specific needs or limitations. She also offers a family-friendly yoga session on Wednesday evenings (ages 10-85!). If your schedule cannot accommodate either Saturdays or Wednesdays, the pre-taped videos on her website are the best yoga bargain in town at less than $5!

You can find more information on Jill and register for a class at . Join us on the mat!

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