Young Adults Sunset Dinner 2024

Triumphant Love has done it again! On Friday, May 17th, all the elements converged for our second annual Young Adult Sunset Dinner!


This year we had a mix of TLLC young adults (ages 18-39) plus our friends from Gather:Austin, a group of 22-35 years olds from a variety of churches in Austin who meet monthly. Of course our own TLLC young adults know our grounds very well, and the Gather:Austin young adults are becoming more and more aware of the friendly, loving atmosphere of Triumphant Love. And they are all becoming aware of how nice it is to be served every once in a while.

Pre-dinner drinks and socializing


The dinner


Enjoying a beautiful evening

How do you serve this group properly? How do you make it an evening they won’t soon forget? You gather a group of volunteers who know how to pull these things off! We had people setting the atmosphere, laying down live music, serving food and drink, cooking and plating the meals, and cleaning up as if no one had been there. And with all their efforts, they dined together as well!

Kitchen crew


Plating line


Live entertainment by Kevin


Top notch service

On May 17th, once again, the Triumphant Love upper deck was Austin’s most exciting outdoor dinner venue. And, being a “sunset” dinner, a photo was captured that forever shares what an incredibly beautiful evening it was! When an older member of TLLC heard about the event, they proclaimed, “…what a purpose and beautiful use of TLLC’s upper deck!”

Beautiful TLLC Sunset


Beautiful TLLC Sunset

Indeed. And with Thrivent and HEB partnering with us on the event it really was a great example of living in community and serving in community. We will do this again next year, for the 3rd Annual Young Adult Sunset dinner.  Get Ready!


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