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Maya, one of our 8th grade confirmation students, recently completed her confirmation project which concluded her 3-year confirmation instruction at TLLC. This Sunday, she alongside her classmates, will publicly profess her faith and affirm her baptism.

The faith education/confirmation and mentoring program at TLLC is a three-year curriculum dedicated to creating faithful young adults. Students learn Scripture and Luther’s Small Catechism and are on their way to figuring out their Lutheran identity, what it means to have faith in the world, and discerning their spiritual gifts. We also place heavy emphasis on building cross-generational relationships, learning how to be “us” in a world full of “me”, and showing love and kindness toward ourselves and each other.

The 6th graders do a deep dive into the scripture. 7th graders explore Luther’s Small Catechism (the Apostles’ Creed, 10 Commandments, the Lord’s Prayer, and the sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion). In the 8th grade and final year of study, the class discovers what it means to “live Lutheran” and each student takes an introspective look at their unique spiritual gifts and how they can use those gifts to serve the community around them.

Luthers small catechism

They conclude the year with an individual project utilizing their gifts and present them at a special dinner banquet. Projects are actually done at the conclusion of each year, but the 8th grade year is special because it is a culmination of all three years of their faith journey and growth. Why do we do projects like this? The purpose of our affirmation of baptism is to take ownership of our own faith in our lives and in the world. Through these projects our middle schoolers are taking scripture, the tenets of our Lutheran beliefs, and their own giftedness and making them their own… plus they are fun, no two are alike!

Maya chose to partner with Mariposa Family Learning Center, which was founded in 2018 by Austin City Lutherans as an expansion of their outreach to the neighbors of Southeast Austin.

“Ever since I was little, I have always had a passion for reading. I hope to pass that love of reading to others. I have surrounded myself with books throughout my life and never stopped to think about how fortunate I am. Many children lack access to books.”

Book drive 1
For her Confirmation Project, Maya decided to hold a book drive for Mariposa Family Learning Center. She met with representatives of the center to learn about their needs and put together a list of books requested by the center. She published this list to the congregation asking for folks to either purchase the books directly or to donate money for her to make the purchases.

Mariposa book drive
Maya with Adryana, MFLC director

The book drive took place over two consecutive Sundays and the response was amazing!

Mariposa book drive2
Maya at TLLC

Maya writes, “I would like to say thank you to everyone for the tremendous support. Because of you, this book drive was a huge success. I was able to donate a total of 175 books (click here to see the list!) to Mariposa Learning Center. All of the books were delivered and donated on the afternoon of May the 2nd.”

Mariposa book drive3
Maya and all the donated books!


Mariposa book drive4
Maya playing with the children of MFLC

Click HERE to learn more about MFLC.

If you would like to learn how YOU can get involved in our confirmation program or become a middle school mentor, contact Deacon Bri at

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