Mary Martha Cookie Extravaganza 2020

MMFG Cookie Delivery

The ladies of the Mary Martha Friendship Group along with several volunteers of the congregation baked, assembled, and delivered cookies to folks who are unable to get out due to COVID. Click HERE to see the full photo album from this event.

The response from recipients was overwhelming! Here are just a few:

Ralph & Ellie Erchinger – Many thanks for the beautiful Christmas cookie box. The selection is amazing and they taste so good. I have never seen so many kinds of Christmas cookies. We feel so blessed to have such a loving group of people to think about us and provide such a special treat. What a great gift!

Peggy Campbell – Heartfelt thanks for the beautiful box of cookies!!! What a lovely gift from church. I was so surprised and delighted by the very thoughtful gesture and have certainly been enjoying the pretty container and of course the many varied, festive, and delicious cookies. Please know how much this surprise has meant to me. Blessings.

Diane Lung – Thank you for the beautiful yummy cookie bouquet. They will keep me cheered into the holidays. Merry Christmas and blessings

Laurel & Joel – It was such a sweet treat to receive the delicious cookies. What a wonderful gift from our caring TLLC family. This really touched our hearts. We feel the love. I also want to say how pretty the packaging is! Pretty red bow and the really pretty and nice card! I really like the wording, layout, and the sparkly red bow on the card. Such a lovely treat!! The cookies are delicious! And so many of them!!

David, Della, Drew, & Dylan – Thank you so much for the fabulous cookie plate. What a lovely, thoughtful gesture from our wonderful church community. And David is eating them! (He’s lost 63 pounds so he can stand to eat a few; and is slowly getting his appetite back.) We truly appreciate your blessing us in such a thoughtful, delicious way. Thank you!

Louise Wehde – Thank you for including me. The cookies are wonderful.

Connie Nichols – Thank you for delivering the box of cookies to me. They were all so tasty. A very nice idea. Merry Christmas!

Randy & Sue – Thank you so much for the box of cookies. Merry Christmas.

Clyde & Joyce – Dear Kathy and all the Cooky ladies, I just want you to know how grateful I am for your beautiful expression of love. So sweet of you to share your goodies with us! What a surprise!

Jan VanWyngarden – Thank you so much. What a nice surprise to receive a phone call that I had a box of cookies on my doorstep. That was a lovely thing to do. It looks like many of our TLLC family helped make the yummy treats. They were so beautifully packaged and brightened my day. Thank you one and all, and God bless you.

Don & Claudetta – Many thanks to TLLC for the very thoughtful gift of cookies. Your expression of Christian love and concern touched us deeply. Especially in these difficult times. Merry Christmas. P. S. The generous amount and variety was awesome. You notice I said “was”!

Marie Ryser – Thank you for the delicious box of cookies. My grandchildren enjoyed every last crumb.

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