My First Two Weeks at TLLC!

What a wonderful two weeks it has been!

I’m slowly finding my way in our community learning names, being renamed (to “Bob” by the kids in the Kids Connect Program) and having the pleasure of seeing the wonderful ministry goings-on of young and old.

I started on a Wednesday night as all the parents, kids, and teens rolled into Wednesday Connect for dinner, learning, and worship.

I participated in the Kids Connect Program (6:15-6:45pm) where the weekly lectionary is taught through story, games, song, and play. This past week we covered the Good Shepherd story by playing a game involving Polly dots and working as a team to shepherd each other around the sanctuary.

As we wrapped up, families, middle school students, and mentors rolled down to our outdoor worship space where Deacon Bri gave a sermon titled “The rock will reveal itself.” If  you aren’t familiar with the story I suggest you ask Deacon Bri to paraphrase the story for you, but the message was allowing God to play in the space of our lives where we want things to be perfect; where we want things to go as expected.

I noticed in these first two weeks that some of the greatest God moments witnessed were not as expected, but what God revealed to us. Learning lessons of the Lost Sheep between a game of medic tag going awry or hearing the Good Word from an insightful interruption in class not exactly from the Spark story read at Sunday’s Story & Play class revealed how some of the greatest stories told aren’t done so in extravagant manners, but rather by the community surrounding you as the story is told.

It has been a wonderful two weeks of play, learning, s’mores on Wednesday evenings, and donuts on Sunday mornings here at Triumphant Love! Watch for more updates about what’s happening in Children’s Ministry in our NEW CYF Spotlight section in the weekly newsletter.


Come join our weekly Children’s programs:

Wednesdays @ 6:15 PM for Kids Connect (Pre-K – 5th grade) Have dinner first at 5:45!
Sundays @ 10:00 AM for Story & Play (age 0 – 5th grade)

Cason (Read My Bio!)
TLLC Children’s Ministry Coordinator



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