Reconciling in Christ – Proposal for Congregational Approval

January 2024 Update

Proposal to Congregation for Vote at the Annual Meeting

Our Reconciling in Christ journey began in May 2018 when two TLLC members attended the “Building an Inclusive Church” workshop in San Antonio. We will have completed the reconciling process when the congregation votes at the annual congregational meeting on January 28, 2024.

Over that period of time the RIC team grew to 11 TLLC members. We worked together diligently, and with thought to follow the Eleven Step plan to become Welcoming and Affirming. The team provided regular updates to Pastor and Council, we made presentations in Faith in Action classes and other small groups, we hosted a congregation wide “Bring Your Own” welcome statement workshop, we surveyed the congregation, and other items that provided inspiration to the RIC team as it developed the Welcome Statement.

One of our team members shared this thought. “I have known several members over the years who have stopped coming to TLLC because they or someone in their family was queer and did not feel welcome here. I’m proud of TLLC for working through this together.” It was indicative of how the RIC team worked with each other, and worked to make others aware. Heartfelt moments were ever present!

This year Triumphant Love adopted a new Mission: Inspire people to live boldly in God’s triumphant love. Adopting the Welcome Statement adds another element, and that is to be inspired by all people who live boldly in God’s triumphant love!

Gene Richards, RIC Task Force Member

PROPOSED Welcome Statement for Congregational Approval:

“Triumphant Love Lutheran Church believes that God’s love surpasses all. We are an open and inviting congregation. We welcome God’s children of all ages, abilities, family structures, gender identities or expressions, sexual orientations, races and ethnic backgrounds, and socioeconomic status. We are building an affirming and inclusive community with those who believe, doubt, question, seek, and wonder. Everyone is unique, beloved by God, and worthy of a place to belong.”


UPDATE:  GOOD NEWS! The Welcome Statement statement was approved and has become TLLC’s official Welcome Statement. 

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