TLLC Serves Dinner to UT Students

On Tuesday, April 30, 12 TLLC members covering shifts from 3pm-8pm served hungry UT students at Lutheran Campus Ministry (LuMin). Tailgate Tuesdays as they are known, is one of two food ministries of LuMin to feed food insecure students in the UT community.

For this Tailgate Tuesday, Pastor Brad, our team, and several students from LuMin cooked up Pastor Brad’s famous “Bougie Big As Yo Face” pancakes and sausage (veggie and pork). The big job was actually preparing the pancakes from scratch using Brad’s now not so secret recipe. None of this add water to a mix out of the box. We weighed the butter (nearly 10,000 grams!) and flour (24,000+ grams!), separated the eggs (140 of them!), measured the buttermilk (1000+ ounces!), and carefully mixed the ingredients with a whisk as long as your arm.

The sausage was cooked on the kitchen grill as serving time approached. After a quick trip to HEB for some more ingredients, we were all set to “give a flip” and get these pancakes cooking!


Outside the LuMin entrance, sausage and fruit stations were prepped and the three giant griddles were fired up. After some quick lessons from Pastor Brad, we were ready to roll. Students were already beginning to line up down the block of San Antonio Street!


We served pancakes hot from the griddle to students waiting with their carryout boxes already complete with fruit and sausage selection.

Over the course of nearly two hours we served about 350 meals. During much of this time, Pastor Brad was able to visit with students, offer them encouragement, and every once is a while tell debatably humorous  “dad” jokes.

Now that the semester has ended, LuMin is making plans for Tailgate Tuesdays to continue in the fall. TLLC will be in line again to participate with other congregations to provide this service. If you are interested in helping with financial support (each Tailgate Tuesday costs between $1200-$1500) and/or working at the event, please send a note to and we’ll get you added to our contact list.

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